My why

As a journalist, I’ve been trained to always ask ‘why’. And so I thought that would be a good place to start.

Having my own children has given photography and storytelling a whole new meaning. It’s always been a big part of my life - both for work and for fun - but I’d never really considered the benefits of creating a piece of family history along the way. Recording memories that could be re-lived and enjoyed with my own children’s family one day - an heirloom, if you like.


When I’m taking photos I always take a step back and observe, keen to capture natural, everyday family life. I’m looking for those subtle, often unnoticed moments that feel real and truthful, rather than forced and uncomfortable. I don’t ask people to pose for the camera or tell them what they should or shouldn’t be doing. But if I notice a beautiful spot of light, I might just guide clients into it!

The natural connections that happen effortlessly in a home environment are the ones that really make me feel something as a photographer. And inevitably those connections are also ones that create breathtaking images and films.


I love the idea of families reminiscing over a photo album or sitting down to watch a short film I’ve made in the future. Perhaps recalling the sofa that the kids used to jump on or the dens built beneath the dining table; the suntrap on the stairwell or the height chart written in biro on the hallway cupboard door. I want to provide clients with a family story that takes them right back to those moments.

Of course we can all take thousands of photographs and films without even thinking about it now - our smartphones are made for it. But where they fall short is in the quality and the printing - and that’s where I fit in.


Your family story will be delivered in a format that can be easily viewed and shared across computers, phones and social media as well as through traditional quality prints and albums, made to last.

I have a range of options, from a simple photography shoot to a multimedia package, where images and film are layered with your family’s voices to create the soundtrack. There’s nothing more special than capturing a baby’s giggle or a toddler singing.

My website is a great place to start to find out more: Or my Instagram and Facebook page can give you a real idea of my style. Feel free to get in touch via any of the above methods or simply send an email to: